10 julho 2011

Uma canção de embalar num belo filme

Sleep, my child upon my breast
Where it is snug and warm,
Mother's arms are tight around you
Her heart full of mother's love,
Nothing will break your slumber,
No one will harm you,
Sleep peacefully, dear child,
Sleep, fair on your mother's breast.
Sleep in peace, sleep this night

Sleep fair o beautiful one,
Why do you smile now
Smile so sweetly in your sleep?
Are the angels smiling from above
Upon you, smiling happily,
And you smile back, deep in slumber,
sleeping peacefully upon my breast.

Do not fear, only the sunshine
Is knocking at the door,
Do not fear, only a contented wave
Whispers on the sea shore.
Sleep my child, there is nothing here
To harm you,
Smile peacefully upon my breast
On the white angels yonder.

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